What to do at home with young children in quarantine?

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Quarantine is a necessary imposition in the face of the threat that the coronavirus poses. The problem is that it is easy to say to stay at home, difficult to stay, right? Even more when you have children accompanying you in quarantine. What to do at home with young children?

That's the question we want to help you solve. With direct contact and the impossibility of leaving home to play, it is natural that the little ones feel agitated. If we ourselves have already suffered from the energy accumulated by not going out, imagine them, who in normal situations seem to come equipped with an infinite battery?

What to do at home in these situations? Keep following our article and see some suggestions to entertain the little one during the quarantine!

What to do at home with him?

Regardless of whether you are prevented from doing a home office because of the required confinement or if you are working from home, it is important to dedicate a few hours a day to play or carry out an activity with the little one. After all, he is unable to play with his friends from school or even from the neighborhood.

If he is the only child in your home, you may be feeling lonely for not having the company of other children. That is why it is important that you spend time with him, especially when you have time available.

See below for three suggestions on what to do at home with the little one?

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Read a story

It doesn't have to be bedtime to read stories for your little one. Enjoy free time to read new stories for him.

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If you are uninspired, there is no shortage of digital book promotions in stores like Amazon itself. By subscribing to Amazon Prime, you can also access an interesting collection of books and comics that you can use as inspiration for your stories.

Teach new things the child would not learn at school

In the current quarantined state, you may have to teach him school materials. But not all of your classes need to be math or science.

This is a good opportunity to teach the little ones new things that they don't teach in schools. You can teach him how to do homework, how to clean and even how to cook, considering the age of children and the risk that some instruments offer.

It is also important to make the activity fun, or you risk losing your interest.

Consume cultural content with the child

We already know that even before the coronavirus you already loved to marathon a series on the weekends. This is also a suggestion on what to do at home with young children.

Just remember that the child is the priority. That is, although it is legal to consume some cultural content that interests both, it is worth remembering that the goal is to entertain the little one.

To help you with this task, see our list of the best animation series and other apps for kids.

In addition to the movies, series and drawings, you can also enjoy playing with him. Whether on the computer, in a video game or on smartphones, there are a number of offline multiplayer games that you can play together.

Again, it is worth remembering the child's age and whether the age rating of the game you want to play is in agreement.

What to offer the child to be entertained without needing you?

If you are looking to make money while you are at home, you cannot be available all the time for the little one. In some moments, it is interesting to be able to maintain the routine with the little ones at home, isolating themselves from them while working.

But what to do to keep them entertained in the meantime? Check out the suggestions below!

Present a new book, comic, game or drawing

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Reading the story to your little one is a joint activity that increases their connection with the child. But that doesn't stop her from looking for new stories and reading them on her own, if they have already been literate.

So you can present something new to her. A new book, comic or drawing for her to try. This should keep you entertained for a few hours, especially if you like what you've presented.

But here's an important tip: remember to ask the little one what he thought and encourage the conversation by asking details about what you have presented!

Create an activity routine

If you've already looked for productivity apps to be able to establish new habits, you must have already learned how important routines are. This happens frequently with those who were used to working in a conventional job and are now working online.

The best of these learnings is that they can be passed on to children. They will even adapt much better than adults. So, create a routine of activities for children to do on their own.

In this way, they increase the chances that they will develop into more productive adults and more likely to adopt healthy habits. It is also worth remembering that you should charge them at the end of the routine, helping them to fix errors and teaching them to solve problems that may arise eventually.

During that time, you could be dedicating to your home office work or to a hobby that you enjoy alone, for example.

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What activities have your kids enjoyed most?

How this quarantine season is affecting your life and that of the little ones. What activities are the children living with you distracting them the best?

Comment with us and also see which are the best coronavirus YouTube channels to get better information!

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