What to put in the bio for Instagram?

Instagram's biography is almost a mystical place. What to put in the biography of Instagram? What is it for? Why should I worry? What does it feed on?

But it is not for nothing that it is seen in this way. The truth is that having a good biography is indeed essential for anyone who needs to gain followers on Instagram. Whether to try a influenced career or to increase the sales of your business.

So let's answer the first two questions we asked: what to put in the Instagram bio and why it's important to be concerned with it.

In the end, we will show that she is not that winged beast that many think we are. On the contrary, knowing how to work with bio only brings advantages, in addition to increasing your followers on Instagram.

Check with us below and don't stop learning about the biography for Instagram!

How does the Instagram biography work?

Before showing you how Insta's biographies work, it's important to mention that it works as a showcase for you or your company, if you have a business account. That is, her goal is to attract users of the social network to become her followers.

Having a good description in the bio is essential for you to be found more easily in searches. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the most searched keywords within the theme that usually works.

They should be part of your description and, in some cases, your username. In other words, Insta's bio has a purpose: attracting users through searches and convincing them to follow you according to the way you are organizing the Instagram feed.

But that is not your only purpose. In addition to what we mentioned above, the Instagram bio is one of the few places that allow the inclusion of an external link. You can use it to send followers to your online store or an email marketing list and WhatsApp, for example.

The problem is that you can put only one link. One way around this is to use one of the main alternatives to Linktree: AppTuts.bio.

This online service allows you to create a mini page, which can include several links. Ideal for those who communicate or sell on more than one platform at the same time. Click the link to start using it for free!

put link in instagram bio with apptuts.bio

See how the Instagram bio can help you be discovered, convert a stranger into a follower and turn a follower into a sales prospect for your business?

But now, what to put in the biography of Instagram to achieve these goals?

That's what we're going to show you next!

What to put in the biography of Instagram?

The first thing to think about when talking about bio for Insta is the username itself. Remember that it is perfectly possible to change your username, unless you have the blue Instagram stamp.

But those who already have this seal are certainly very well advised and will no longer be interested in changing. It is not our case.

There is nothing to invent when we talk about this field. If you are promoting yourself as a brand, use your own name. The only exception are people who live by broadcasting multiplayer games or want to be known by a stage name, for example.

If you are creating a profile for your business, it gets even easier: use your company name! Using your name makes it easy to be found when they search for you on Insta.

The description can be a little more complex, considering that you can't write much. If you're having trouble, use some of these Instagram bio phrases as a basis for inspiration.

Don't want to use phrases made in your description? So focus on two things: saying what your profile is about or what you work with. Remember to search Instagram hashtags for the most used keywords in your business. Including them in your description will make it easier for them to find you when searching for Instagram posts on the topic.

See an example below:

example of a good profile for insta

What kind of link to put on the Instagram bio?

After that, comes the bio link. As we mentioned earlier, Instagram allows only one link. However, AppTuts.bio is a tool that will allow you to insert more links.

The tool is one of the best for those who have a business and cannot be satisfied with just the bio link. Especially those who still don't have the 10,000 followers required to get çto link to Stories without investing in paid ads.

The platform makes it possible to include buttons for sending messages on WhatsApp, links to external sites and even placing a form to capture email contacts, among others.

The process is also simple and easy, as we described in this article!

Tip: see below how is the mini page in which you can include several links in the Instagram bio!

mini page from apptuts.bio

Profile stories? It's possible!

Remember that Stories only last 24 hours? Not necessarily!

Some Stories can be saved and placed as highlights in your bio. These highlights are just below the bio link as buttons.

When touched, it takes the user or follower to check those contents, since it can include an entire sequence of Stories as just a highlight. As much as it is not mandatory to maintain these highlights, they help your profile to appear more professional, demonstrating that it is a reference in your area.

Remember that these highlights appear as small buttons and you can use any of your Stories as a cover, but we do not recommend it. We believe that it is better to assemble an image that will be used exclusively as a featured cover on Instagram Stories.

Organize your feed

Below the highlights, we have the mosaic on Instagram. It consists of the posts you created. That is, your posts are also part and you should think about them when trying to understand what to put in the bio for Instagram.

Therefore, our suggestion is that you start thinking about your publications in advance, making the elements of each post become an organized mosaic.

Everything you do, including organizing this mosaic, is aimed at attracting followers and customers. That is why it is so important that it is organized in a light, easy to read and that it carries its unique style.

This last tip may be the most important, since there is no point in well-crafted posts that don't look like you. Especially if the content is your product

Want to know how to better organize your profile, feed, Stories and even your list of Best Friends?

So let's close this article recommending Bume.

A profile manager specialized in Instagram, it will allow you to organize and schedule publications through a calendar. In addition, it makes it possible to schedule automatic directs to new followers and issue reports on the engagement of your posts and profile on the social network.

The best of everything? It allows FREE testing of all functions for 5 days!

To start testing Bume, just register on the platform by accessing the link!

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