WhatsApp Empresarial: What do you need to know?

Business WhatsApp emerged as a tool to help those who already used traditional WhatsApp to make money in their business. Especially for those who used the messaging application to offer online service or even as a way to sell more.

Officially called WhatsApp Business, we will show you everything you need to know about it below. What it is, what are the differences to the conventional app, how does it work and even if you need to pay to use it.

So keep following our article and see if it’s worth switching from traditional WhatsApp to business WhatsApp!

What is WhatsApp Business?

Visually, it is just like conventional WhatsApp. The objective is even that. After all, if the app changed too much, it probably wouldn’t get entrepreneurs already used to the original app to migrate to that version.

It is even possible to confuse the use of corporate WhatsApp with the traditional one, if you do not pay attention. So, what would be the difference? The features aimed at helping those who have a business that are not present in the original WhatsApp.

To download it now and start testing its functionality, check out its page on Google Play and the App Store.

business whatsapp download screen

What is the difference between WhatsApp and Business?

As we mentioned above, the differences are in the features that are not present. These functions are very useful for those looking to make extra income over the internet. One of the differences, even, will help you to give your business a more professional look, even if you are working at home.

When using the app, your contacts will see that you are using a business account, making it clear that they are dealing with a company. You can even get rid of inconvenient WhatsApp pranks.

Among the best functions for those who have a business is the possibility to create quick response models, which will give you more productivity in the service. Just define what the message will be, set up a code faster to type. Every time you write this code in a message, it will become the complete message.

In addition, you can also set up automatic responses, which can be sent to customers who contact you outside of business hours. Taking advantage of the mention, the profile area of ​​those who have corporate WhatsApp is also different from the original version.

In it, you can (and should) include your address, email and opening hours – which avoids having to take WhatsApp online, a function that does not exist in Business. When adding an address, the customer will be able to click on it and see where his business is on a map.

Stores can also include a catalog, importing it from their Facebook Fan Page. That is, you can sell directly through WhatsApp Business!

company profile and catalog

How does corporate WhatsApp work?

Its operation is not much different from conventional WhatsApp. The configuration options are located in the same place, for example. The conversation screen is similar to the original, so it is certain that you will have no difficulty navigating through WhatsApp Empresarial.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that it is necessary to have another phone line to use this version. Whoever uses only one cell phone for everything, for example, may have to use two different number chips to have conventional WhatsApp and Business on the same device.

Alternatively, it is not necessary for the WhatsApp Business line to be a cell phone. Fixed numbers can also be registered, as long as they are able to answer calls for the registration procedure.

After registering the fixed number, just use the corporate WhatsApp web version to reply to messages on your computer.

How much does WhatsApp Business cost?

At first, WhatsApp Business costs nothing. However, Facebook – which also owns WhatsApp and staged another recent controversy over the privacy of its apps – has already revealed that it has plans to monetize it in the near future.

On the other hand, it has not been revealed how this monetization will happen. So far, we do not know whether this will happen through in-app ads, whether corporate WhatsApp will require a commission on sales made on the platform or even charge a monthly subscription, as online chat apps for businesses already do.

Therefore, it remains only to enjoy the features while they are free, but to have in hand an alternative that may be a better solution.

One of these alternatives is Jivochat. The online business chat platform is one of the most complete, in addition to having one of the cheapest plans on the market. You are charged based on the number of attendants you have available. For example, if you have a service team with 20 people, you will be charged for those 20. If only you will do the service, you will only pay for your login.

jivochat chat screen

That is, it charges according to the size of your business, without presenting you exaggerations that cost money and the financial health of your company. In addition to allowing you to include a chat within the site, you can integrate it with your Facebook page.

No matter where you are serving, you can generate reports that will make it easier to assess how your service is doing. Want to know more about Jivochat?

So click on the link right now and try the full version of Jivochat for FREE for 14 days!

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