WhatsApp payments: what is it and how to do it?

How to use WhatsApp Payments?

We come to the last section of our article. Here, we'll teach you what you need to be able to start sending payments to your contacts. Remember that a debit card from the aforementioned banks is required:

  • 1. Start by going to the conversation in which you want to send a payment;
  • two. Now tap the icon for Attachments and touch Payment;

open payment

  • 3. Enter the amount you want to pay and tap the continue arrow;
  • 4. Tap the white button of To start at the bottom;

start setting up WhatsApp payments

  • 5. On the next screen, you will receive some information about FACEBOOK Pay, responsible for WhatsApp payments. tap Continue;
  • 6. Agree to the terms of service and tap Continue;

agree to payment terms by WhatsApp

  • 7. Create a PIN for Facebook Pay and enter it again to confirm. Now you can configure the fingerprint by tapping on Use Fingerprint;


  • 8. Enter your full name and CPF, then tap Advance;
  • 9. Enter all your address information and tap Advance;
  • 10. Now, add all your card details (number, expiration date, security code, and name. Tap To save;
  • 11. Okay, your WhatsApp Pay is set up!

Did you like our guide on how to make payments through WhatsApp?

Leave a comment with your opinion and let us know if you made the payments or if you are having problems. Also discover how business WhatsApp works, the benefits of WhatsApp Business, and photo apps for WhatsApp!

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