WhatsApp Transparent: How to do it

Today, the world knows or even uses WhatsApp, the largest text communication service in Brazil with over 120 million users, almost 10% of the global audience, which reaches over 1.5 billion devices with the app. installed.

It has a feature, however, that many users want and the company does not respond to, which is eventually supplied by third party applications, which is the ability to make WhatsApp transparent. There are several apps that allow this to the user, along with many other extra functions that are very welcome.

If you're interested in expanding your use of this communications platform and increasing what it is capable of, keep reading our article, where we talk about the best unofficial (but allowed) WhatsApp apps.

1. How to download apps from the list

One thing worth making clear is that none of the apps are available on the playstore. Therefore, the user has to download the .apk file (android installer format) and tweak some settings of his mobile phone before he can install and make his WhatsApp transparent.

A very important information is that even with many customizations, you risk receiving a temporary suspension of WhatsApp for using them, which becomes permanent if you continue using it. However, these apps have included several ways to prevent this, so it's increasingly unlikely to happen.

If your Android is version nougat or lower, you must first open the "Settings", Click in "Safety" or in “Lock screen and security” and then in “Unknown sources” to enable installation of apps outside of the Google Play store.

unknown sources

Now if you use android Oreo or higher, the process changes greatly and occurs for each application. For example, when downloading an app (apk) from your browser, you will have to allow installation from your browser. If you want to install from the file manager app, you have to allow it.

unknown sources

After that, you can always download and install it without having to allow it again; you can also go on "Settings", in Apps and notifications, in “Special app access”, Click in “Install unknown apps” and on this screen you can enable installation from the apps you want.

There are also options for iPhone users; they are available to both smartphone jailbrokers and non-jailbrokers, but it's a more boring process and offers limited functionality if you don't have one.

2. WhatsApp Transparent Android

The first of the options that allow you to have a transparent WhatsApp is this app, which in addition to this essential functionality, also offers a number of better and more expressive emojis and emoticons that the official app does not have.

To download, just perform the previous step by step and then go to this link and install. You will then need to log in to this app using your WhatsApp account.

3. GBWhatsApp Android

This is undoubtedly one of the best options for those who want access to numerous extra customizations in their messenger, including the ability to make WhatsApp transparent.

Some of the things this app gives you access to are: the ability to change the theme, including community-created themes; using more than one account on your device; larger size of image and video file uploads; more emojis and stickers; hide the notification you are writing; many more gifs, among other things.

gbwhatsapp Transparent WhatsApp

If you are interested in this application, just follow the link to its official page and download it.

4. WhatsApp Plus JiMODs

Another great app that makes WhatsApp transparent is WhatsApp Plus. It offers many configurations beyond the basics and has as a bonus above competitors the promise to ensure that the user will not be banned from using this app.

It offers many of the same things as GBWhatsApp, like many themes, more than one account on the same device, extra emojis, deeper privacy options, increased video size you can upload, can upload up to 90 photos at a time, higher status, among others. If you liked this app, download it from the official page.

WhatsApp plus Transparent WhatsApp

5. Watusi

This is the best option for iPhone users who want a transparent WhatsApp. It offers most of the same extra functionality offered by similar Android apps and is even available on iOS 13, to make your newest iPhone 11 even more beautiful to use.

One downside to this app, and any iOS options you may encounter, is the need to jailbreak your smartphone. If you did not, you will have to reinstall the app every 7 days.

Watusi Transparent WhatsApp

The way to install is quite simple in case jailbreak has been performed. Just go to that link and click “Download on the Cydia Store” in the middle of the page. Now, in the other case, it's a lot more complicated, but it's possible; follow the guide below.

First, go to this page and download the first link; then go to that link and download the correct version of Cydia Impactor for you. Uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone, connect it to the computer with the Cydia program installed, click "Trust" so that it can be recognized and drag the messenger installer to the program screen.

Then simply enter your Apple ID login and password and sign in, and if you get an error warning just click "OK". This will give you a greatly enhanced version of WhatsApp on your smartphone.

So what do you think of the tips on how to make your WhatsApp transparent?

Leave a comment if you already used any of these apps, if you forgot your favorite, had a problem using them, or helped you choose a new app for the largest messaging platform available!

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