Where to download free music: 5 best sites

Those who lived in the days of Kazaa and eMule already had the right place to download free music. On the other hand, he had to be up to date with the antivirus, since the multitude of Trojans and other viruses of all kinds accompanied the illegal music files.

Today, streaming services like Spotify, Google Music and Deezer are enough to have access to music legally, without having to pay R $ 50 on a CD. On the other hand, there is still a place to download free music without resorting to piracy.

We will prove this to you through the sites that we will show below. That way, you can easily download music online, ensuring an offline music collection when you don't have access to a Wi-Fi connection.

Check it out below!

1. Jamendo

To start our list, we will already indicate Jamendo as a place to download free music. Allowing you to download free music in any style, it serves as a showcase for independent artists and their enthusiasts.

In addition, it also includes covers of popular songs, allowing to know other interpretations. With it, you can download and listen to music offline. Or take advantage of being connected to see the playlists of other users and online radio stations hosted on the platform.

Click on the link to meet Jamendo.

download free music on jamendo

2. Soundcloud

Another well-known platform, Soundcloud is also one of the ideal platforms for independent artists. Even though it is currently more limited in relation to downloading music online, there is still a good collection to download on your computer or smartphone.

You can also use the platform to meet new artists or even indicate to a friend who is looking for places to promote their authorial music. It is worth mentioning that SoundCloud is quite easy to use and you can hear the news right from your homepage.

So go to the link to start using SoundCloud.

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3. Musopen

If you are looking for classical music for meditation – one of the most suitable methods to combat anxiety – or simply because instrumental works increase your productivity, Musopen can be interesting. It is the place to download free music for being a non-profit organization.

Donors fund the site, which helps artists to record songs and share for free. The entire library is in the public domain.

The only thing you have to pay – only if you want – are the same songs in high quality. Click on the link to get to know Musopen and see this guide to learn how to download free music on it!

free orchestra music on musopen

4. Free Music Archive

If you're looking for where to download free music for a commercial project – like YouTube videos – the Free Music Archive is the place to go. All of his songs are on a free license for use, including commercial.

That is, you can download music online from your entire collection. In addition, the Free Music Archive has music for all tastes and styles, especially if you don't care about the traditional song circuit, which usually charge a lot.

The Free Music Archive also serves as a community for music enthusiasts, as they can post their own creations and share that of their friends, as if it were a social network.

Visit the link to see the Free Music Archive and see this guide to learn how to download free music on it!

5. Last.fm

Closing our list of places to download free music is Last.fm. The website's proposal is to offer music to listen online, but part of its collection is available to download and listen even when you are without internet.

Still, it is worth mentioning that the entire collection is free, as well as the radio stations available there. Any song available for download will have an icon next to its name. If not, you can hear it only when connected to the internet.

Discover Last.fm by accessing the link!

Found where to download free music?

There are not many pages that allow you to download music for free. Therefore, it is interesting to test each of these sites, since they meet different demands.

Have you found where to download free music or would you rather listen to it online? If that's the case, don't leave without checking out this guide teaching you how to view lyrics on Spotify!

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