Where to find books online? [20 serviços, sites e apps]

For those who love to read, finding books online turns out to be something wonderful. Both for the opportunity to read different books, and for the convenience of not having to store the physical versions at home. It's also great for anyone who likes to read anywhere and without having to carry a heavy book in their purse or backpack.

Fortunately, there are plenty of services, websites and apps where you can find books online in abundance. To help you, we have separated the 20 best options you can find and listed them below. Check out!

1. Project Gutenberg

find books online PG

Although not so well known in Brazil, Project Gutenberg is one of the most popular sites for anyone looking to find books online. There are no less than 60,000 different titles today, but the catalog is only growing.

Most of these books are in the public domain and of the most diverse genres, so it is certain that you will find classics of all types. If you are interested and want to check the books for free, just access the link.

2. Kindle

Another service that we cannot fail to recommend is the Kindle. Amazon's well-known service (and e-reader too) can be used in many ways, even for those who don't buy books from their store.

The app or the physical version can be used to read any virtual book. After all, you can even download books and put them on your Kindle to read later.

Still, the Kindle store offers a giant selection for anyone looking to find books online. Many are paid, but can be purchased for free by Amazon Prime subscribers.

3. Loyal Books

Loyal Books is another good option, both for those who like normal ebooks and for those who prefer audiobooks. The cool thing is that the site has many classic books in these two formats, so you will surely find something to your taste.

As most are in the public domain, they can be downloaded for free. You can also read books in different languages ​​if you want to improve your reading skills in other languages. If you are interested, just access the official website.

4. Bookbub

Bookbub is our next suggestion for anyone looking to find books online. Not only does it offer a huge catalog of digital books, it also gives personalized recommendations to its users.

The legal AO is that there are not only books in the public domain, like newer titles that can be purchased at a discount. If you liked the site, you can check out more by accessing the following link.

5. Google Play Books

use google play books

As the name makes clear, Google Play Books is a special option for Android users, despite being available for iOS as well. It helps you find, buy or download books online that are available on the Google Play Store.

The application is not only free, but is installed on most Android devices. Other than that, you can check your library on any device that uses the same Gmail account. To check out more, just check out the Google Play link.

6. iBooks

Well, if we talk about an option more focused on Android users, it’s worth mentioning the standard iOS alternative. Anyone who has had an Apple smartphone or tablet must have realized that the iBooks app is installed to read your books.

It also has its own store, where you can easily find books online. There are thousands of options of all kinds, so just check the App Store if you're curious.

7. MobileRead Forums

MobileRead Forums is basically what its name suggests. It is a great forum for people interested in finding books online and apps where they can read their favorite titles.

Fortunately, the site also has many free books. Most are in the public domain, so expect to see many classics that can be downloaded in several different formats. You can access the website with the following link.

8. Open Library

The Open Library is another very interesting alternative if you want to find books online. Believe it or not, it has no less than 1 million ebooks in its catalog.

As with many of the sites we are presenting, the catalog books are in the public domain. This is great for both those who like classics and those who want books for free. You can access the site here.

9. FBReader

FBReader is very similar to other apps for finding and reading books. One of its attractions is that there are many options and customization settings.

Other than that, you can download as many digital books as you like and use FBReader to bring them to your smartphone or tablet. The app is free and can be found at the link.

10. Bookari

books in bookari

Like so many of our recommendations, Bookari is great for finding books online. It works like a digital book store, but it can also be used as an eReader if you want everything in one app.

The interesting thing is that you can synchronize your account on several devices. This ends up making its use much better for those who like to spend reading on PC, smartphone and tablet. You can check out more by accessing the link.

11. ManyBooks

Another very cool option for those who want free online books is ManyBooks. He currently has over 30,000 books in his online catalog and always brings news when possible.

A plus point is that you can search books by genres, authors, languages, titles and more. Since most of these titles are in the public domain, they can be downloaded for free. If you are interested, just access the site through the link.

12. Kobo

Kobo is a service until it is very similar to the Kindle. It can also be used as an e-Reader and has a store full of ebooks that you can buy and download whenever you want.

The most interesting thing is that it offers several language options and allows you to synchronize your dropbox account or other cloud services with it. To check out more, just access the following link.

13. Mantano Ebook Reader

Mantano Ebook Reader is another great app that we can recommend. If you want to find books online, this is an interesting alternative, very light and that supports different ebook formats.

It is still very easy to use and has customization options to make reading as pleasant as possible. the Mantano Ebook Reader can be found at the link.

14. Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader is one of the apps for finding books online that you may have heard of. It is very popular with users of Android devices, not least because it is very old and has continued to be updated over the years.

Like many others, it has several customization options and supports almost all ebook formats. It has a free version and a paid version with even more options, but it is worth what you consider important in reading. The app can be found if you access the link.

15. Feedbooks

worthwhile feedbooks

Feedbooks is not as famous yet, but it is a service that you really should try. This is a platform widely used by independent authors who want to publish and sell their books.

But apart from the books of these authors, there are also many known titles and already in the public domain. It's not hard to find free online books there, so check it out. If you want to know more, just check the link.

16. Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader is another very popular application, but this time on both Android and iOS. It can be used to find books online, to download them on your smartphone and read them at any time.

Fortunately, it is also quite easy to import ebooks you already have on your PC or elsewhere into the app. If you are interested, you can take a look at the official website.

17. PocketBook Reader

Following our list, we have the PocketBook Reader. This is basically a very simple and lightweight option for anyone looking to find books online quickly and without worries.

It does not have so many customization options, but its interface is very pleasant. So you only have to worry about finding your favorite books, downloading them and reading them when it is most convenient. If you want to check out more, just check out the link below.

18. Prestige eReader

Our next recommendation for anyone looking to find books online is the Prestigio eReader. The exclusive app for Android users is impressive and has over 1 million books in its catalog.

Many of these titles are available in several different languages, which is also quite incredible. Other than that, thousands of their books can be downloaded for free. You can check out more at the following link.

19. Oodles

Oodles is one of the best apps for finding books online. It is worth saying that, like many other sites, it only offers books in English and nothing in other languages.

If you are learning the language, this may even be a good opportunity to improve your skills. But other than that, it is a good opportunity for those who want to read certain books in the original language.

After all, a lot can change from one translation to another. Another advantage of this app is that once downloaded, the books are fully available in offline mode. You can find the app on iOS and Android.

20. Scribd

Finally, we are going to suggest Scribd, which is a platform for reading eBooks and audiobooks. It's great for finding books online, but it works with the subscription system, so it's good to consider whether it's worth it for you.

The advantage is that it offers an impressive catalog with many famous titles and authors. Other than that, there is synchronization between your devices, making it possible to continue reading exactly where you left off on any device.

The good news is that you can try the service for a month for free, so it’s easier to know if you’re going to like it or not. You can check out more on the official website.

Did you like the tips on where to find books online?

Did you take advantage of our list to find the best places to find books online? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you thought of the tips and which of the suggestions you liked best.

We really think that Amazon Prime subscription ends up being one of the best options. After all, you get several benefits and still have thousands of books that can be read for free. Check out more on the Amazon website if you want to test the service!

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