Where to listen to popular podcasts? 17 best options

Podcast media is one of the fastest growing. Although they have existed for about 15 years, in recent years it has been greatly boosted. The proof of this is that there are several very popular podcasts, even for those who were not understood in this niche. But where to listen to popular podcasts?

There is no shortage of options, as you can see in that list. That's why we're not going to wait any longer: see where to listen to popular podcasts right now!

1. Spotify

The best known among music streaming apps also has a special section for podcasts. On Spotify, you have somewhere to listen to popular podcasts from both media companies like Globo and more niche programs, like retro games or foreign policy.

In addition, the famous Spotify algorithm also works at full steam here, sending you recommendations according to the podcasts it accompanies. Click the link to start listening to popular podcasts for free.

wooden table with a cellphone connected with the open spotify app

2. Google Podcasts

Google itself has an application dedicated to podcasts. In Google Podcasts, you can check your favorite shows and be notified when a new episode airs.

In addition, the app has a dedicated area to allow you to explore the podcasts aggregated on the platform. You can search according to the company or individual that produces the podcast, as well as specific categories. With that, Google Podcasts shows you where to listen to popular podcasts according to your favorite subject.

Google Podcasts can be downloaded on Android or iOS phones.

3. Castbox

One of the main podcast apps, Castbox can be considered the definitive aggregator. Its functions revolve around helping you to find the best program, which is the main objective of the app.

Its search engine is one of the most improved, especially for those looking for specific types of programs to listen to. In addition, it is available in both web browsers and as a mobile app.

Click on the link to get to know Castbox.

4. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict allows you to not only follow your favorite and popular podcasts, but also online radio stations and even video and streaming channels like YouTube and Twitch. In addition, you can control the playback speed of chapters and even download them for offline listening.

You can set a date to update your list and receive new episodes whenever your favorite content producers do. It is also compatible with smart devices like Chromecast and can be used on televisions.

Get to know the Podcast Addict through the link.

5. The Podcast App

This aggregator works not only so that you have a place to listen to popular podcasts in Brazil, but worldwide. With several languages ​​available – including Portuguese – it has thousands of programs in its collection.

Among its features, The Podcast App allows you to search for programs according to their category and language. Plus, it makes it possible to create a playlist, so you never have to think about what to listen to next.

Learn more about the app on its pages on Google Play and the App Store.

6. Overcast

Available only on the iPhone, Overcast has some features that are not always part of similar apps. One of them is Voice Boost, which stabilizes the volume of the programs you hear, whether they are made by amateurs or by large studios.

In addition, Overcast also makes it possible to control playback speed, subscribe to podcasts to be notified when new episodes are released, and also allows you to download podcasts for offline listening.

Download the Overcast on your iPhone or iPad through the link.

overcast screens, an app where you can listen to popular podcasts

7. RadioPublic

With a different proposition from most apps where you can listen to popular podcasts, RadioPublic allows you to send your own RSS lists. At the same time, hobbyists can continue to receive recommendations, based on a team called Podcasts Librarians.

It is also possible to watch series episodes without major problems, for those who like to marathon series of podcasts. RadioPublic also does not require you to create a registration and allows you to download episodes to listen offline.

Click on the link to get to know RadioPublic.

8. Pocket Casts

Not just a place to listen to popular podcasts, Pocket Casts is one of the most famous apps among fans of this medium. The application allows you to access different types of filters, which are not only separated by category.

For example, there are recommended podcasts for morning runs, to listen to while working at home or even on very specific topics, such as state leaders or sports celebrities. Pocket Casts is available for Android and iPhone.

9. Castro Podcast Player

Allowing you to listen to popular podcasts from outside Brazil, the Castro Podcast Player is ideal for those who follow many podcasts. We say this because it has a complete list manager.

Besides, he doesn't force you to listen to all the episodes. If you do not want to listen to a specific episode, it is perfectly possible to skip it without the app showing the episode as a pending issue.

Castro Podcast Player is exclusive for iPhone.

castro screens, ideal for where to listen to popular podcasts

10. Player FM

Enabling integration with Chromecast, Player FM is an aggregator of podcasts that allows you to play them from a television, even if it is not smart. In addition, it brings recommendations based on an algorithm that learns what your tastes are, according to the content you consume.

From there, the app itself gives you recommendations within the themes, subjects and categories that you hear most often. Still, you can search through the categories yourself, if you prefer to find podcasts on your own.

Player FM is available on Android and iPhone.

11. Deezer

One of the main alternatives to Spotify, Deezer is an app for listening to music online that also embraced the podcasts in its catalog. This makes it also home to the most popular podcasts in the country.

This means that it is one of the best options to easily find which are the most heard podcasts in Brazil. In addition, Deezer makes it possible to filter your searches according to the different program categories and also sends recommendations based on what you have already heard.

Click the link to start listening to podcasts on Deezer.

12. TuneIn

Formerly known for offering a wide variety of online radio stations, TuneIn has also started to host podcasts. That way, you can both access your favorite stations to listen to music and still have a place to listen to popular podcasts.

TuneIn also allows you to access the international collection, if you accompany any content producer from outside Brazil. You can search for programs according to their theme and popularity in your region, but their functionality does not go much further.

Visit the TuneIn page to meet him!

13. Apple Podcasts

Just as Google offers its own app for podcasts, Apple also offers them for iPhone and iPad users. On the other hand, the Apple app is not available for Android systems, as Google Podcasts does.

Still, it is an excellent option, since it comes installed natively, preventing you from having to download other apps. Apple Podcasts allow you to subscribe to your favorite podcasts for free, receiving notification whenever new episodes are released. It also allows you to download episodes to listen offline and synchronize between your devices, allowing you to switch between them without losing your progress.

If you do not have Apple Podcasts already installed on your company phone or tablet, click the link to download.

14. Downcast

Another podcast application exclusive to Apple devices, Downcast is available on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and even on the Apple Watch smart watch. One of its highlights is the support with CarPlay, allowing you to play your favorite podcasts while driving.

In addition, Downcast allows you to subscribe to any podcast, even those that are out of the catalog. To do this, just paste the URL into the app and it will automatically be registered, sending you notifications for each episode.

Downcast also allows you to download episodes for offline listening and control the episode's playback speed. Click on the link to meet him!

downcast screens on a mac, iphone, ipad and apple watch

15. Podcast Republic

With national and international podcasts, Podcast Republic is one of the simplest and easiest to use aggregators. On your home page, you can already see which podcasts are most recommended, as well as where to listen to popular podcasts in Brazil in the next section.

When you create a register, you can also register what you are hearing, so that you can receive better recommendations through the app's algorithm. It is also possible to check podcasts according to the most different themes.

Access the Podcast Republic through the link.

16. Soundcloud

Another among the most popular music apps, Soundcloud has also become one of the best places to listen to popular podcasts. You can search for the content producer, theme or even the name of a specific episode.

Since most podcasts are free, you can also download them to listen to them offline. You can also create a free SoundCloud account and make a podcast a favorite, being notified by the app whenever new episodes are released.

Click on the link to get to know Soundcloud.

17. Stitcher for Podcasts

In order to offer the best service for those looking for where to listen to popular podcasts, Stitcher allows you to create your own homepage. To do this, just check the programs you like best.

By doing this, your home screen starts to be personalized, bringing the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts forward. In addition, you can also customize the way you control the course of the episode, increasing or decreasing the playback speed, for example.

Discover the tools to listen to Stitcher's podcasts by accessing the link right now.

Found where to listen to popular podcasts?

Any of these apps will certainly help you find the best podcasts to listen to and follow. Which one seemed the most interesting to you? Which one do you not recommend? Comment with us and leave your opinion!

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