Which banks are compatible with Apple Pay in Brazil?

If you have an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac, you're probably familiar with Apple Wallet and Apple Pay. Still, it may be that you are just now wanting to start using this functionality, and for that, you need to know which banks are compatible with Apple Pay around here!

In this article, we'll first talk a little about this tool that simplifies payments, then we'll talk about which banks work with it, and we'll even teach you how to use it. Check it out below!

1. What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is nothing more than a tool available on most Apple devices to simplify payments. With it, you can make contactless purchases in various establishments, both virtual and physical. All this being much safer and simpler than using the card!

To make purchases, it will be necessary to use some type of authentication, be it Touch ID or Face ID. In basically any purchase on Safari you will be able to use Apple Pay, as long as you are a client of one of the compatible banks.

You can store your debit and credit cards in your Wallet, along with tickets and even boarding passes. All this in a completely safe way!

What is Apple Pay Compatible with Apple Pay Banks

2. What banks are Apple Pay compatible with?

Right. Now we've come to the point of most interest: which cards and banks can I use with Apple Pay? The platform works with some of the largest banks in the country, but several are still missing from the list. Check out:

  • Bank of Brazil;
  • Inter Bank;
  • Bradesco (Visa or Elo only);
  • BTG Pactual;
  • Itaú;
  • Next;
  • Nomad;
  • Safe harbor;
  • XP Investments.

which banks are compatible with Apple Pay

In addition, Nubank, one of the biggest digital banks, announced in July that it will soon be compatible with Apple Pay.

It is also worth mentioning that if you check the Apple Pay website, you will see different information from what we have posted here. Don't worry, Apple's website is out of date in this regard.

3. And how to configure it?

The process to add a card from one of the Apple Pay compatible banks is quite simple, and can be done in two different ways:

  • You can go to the app from Settings;
  • Go to the option Wallet and Apple Pay (or Wallet & Apple Pay, depending on which iOS version you use);
  • And there touch Add Card.

Configure by settings

Or else:

  • Open the app from Portfolio;
  • And tap either the + in the upper right corner, or the button of To add in the middle of the screen.

Configure by wallet

Regardless of which steps you followed, you will see the screen below:

  • In it, tap on Debit or Credit Card to add the card from one of the Apple Pay compatible banks;
  • Then tap Continue;
  • Finally, you can scan the card number or Enter Data Manually.

Add Apple Pay compatible bank card


So, did you like our article on Apple Pay compatible banks?

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