Which iPhone 11 color should you choose?

Having an iPhone is not just a matter of ease and good customer support, but also of style. It is no wonder that the iPhone camera is considered the best in the world. Therefore, you have six options to choose which color of the iPhone 11 is the most according to your profile.

It is also worth mentioning the support given by the company, which can easily help you in situations where the iPhone does not turn on or does not charge.

But which color of iPhone 11 should you choose? For this, consider your personal taste and some of the details and suggestions that we will show in the following excerpts. It is worth mentioning that we will also show a picture of the device in each of the colors in which it is manufactured.

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A color that was not so popular in the past, but ended up becoming a trend in technology. If this is your favorite color, then you can consider yourself a lucky person.

In a more pastel tone, this color of the iPhone 11 looks made for the beach. On the other hand, it has a light and more discreet look. Check out what the yellow iPhone 11 looks like below.

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yellow is an iphone 11 color option


The classic color of the iPhone could not be left out. If you're a longtime fan, it's probably the color of the iPhone 11 that you can't give up, even with so many alternatives.

For those who already know the brand, it is probably the one that may end up choosing. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that electronic devices of this color tend to turn yellow after a few years.

Considering the iPhone 11 hardware and the high probability of keeping it for 3 to 5 years, it is something important to take into account. See below how the traditional iPhone 11 looks in white.

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It came from an Android smartphone in black and, even if you change teams, do you still prefer black? So rest assured, since the iPhone 11 is also available in this color.

In addition, the black color is one of the best, as it hides light dirt, scratches and dents, with the appearance of being whole, even if you are not the most careful person with electronics.

See below how a black iPhone 11 looks.

black is a classic iphone 11 color from other editions


Another simpler tone, the green iPhone 11 also conveys the same feeling of lightness as the yellow version. This is also due to its lighter tone, which makes it more discreet.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this color turns out not to hide very well scratches or marks of use, making it uglier after a few years of use.

Meet the green iPhone 11 below!

green and purple


We ended up giving a spoiler of the purple version of the iPhone above. This color of iPhone 11 is the perfect balance between lighter shades like green and yellow, but without being that clear.

The coloring is ideal for those who want to draw attention to the device, but not that something that looks so flashy. On the other hand, its lightness and clarity also means that any scratches and marks will appear after a few years of use.

Tip: the Apple model is an amazing smartphone, but still be very careful not to make mistakes when charging the iPhone!


Closing the color list of the iPhone 11, we have red. Also present in previous models, this is the ideal model for those who want to draw attention and are not afraid to appear intense.

In a darker tone, it will be able to hide some marks of use, although not as well as the black version, the best in these situations. An advantage of this model made in partnership with the brand Product Red is that part of the profits from the purchase of the iPhone 11 in this color goes to institutions dedicated to combating HIV and AIDS.

Meet the iPhone 11 Product Red below!

product red is a special iphone 11 color

New colors?

Almost a year after its launch, it is unlikely that the iPhone 11 gets new colors. After all, it is possible that a next iPhone will be revealed in the coming weeks, even with the sudden changes that the world has been facing due to the coronavirus.

The arrival of an upcoming iPhone, however, is positive: older models tend to be cheaper after the announcement and launch of a newer edition, becoming yet another reason to buy the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.

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