Who is WhatsApp Business for? Find out if it's for you

WhatsApp Business can be an excellent tool for companies that want to establish direct communication with customers. But it is clear that among so many possibilities of the app, you can ask yourself who is WhatsApp Business, anyway?

Fortunately, the app offers options so open that almost any professional can use it. You can easily shape your experience with it and fit it perfectly to your needs. It is clear that certain businesses that are able to benefit in a very positive way and that is what we will focus on below.

If you are curious to know who WhatsApp Business is for, we will respond in detail below!

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Who is WhatsApp Business for?

is it worth using whatsapp business?

Now that you know more about the app, it's time for us to understand who WhatsApp Business is for. It is easy for any company to use this version of the app, but it is worth understanding why it can work with your business.

The cool thing is that ease of use helps even those who make their extra income when working at home and do not have their own company in a conventional way. But this is something that we will see better in the detailed cases.

Just like a normal app, WhatsApp Business can also be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

1. Medium and large companies

In general, medium and large companies already have their own communication channels. This can be an official customer service number, an online chat on your website, the chance for messages on social networks, etc.

But even in these cases, WhatsApp Business can be quite suitable. It is a great way to strengthen ties with a customer who previously saw the company as just a large corporation.

It can also be a faster way to make an urgent call or answer a question.

2. Small businesses

Small companies, on the other hand, benefit precisely because this may be one of the few forms of communication they have for customers. There may even be a service number or an online chat, but WhatsApp Business can facilitate and streamline the service.

It is also more likely that the customer will feel more comfortable approaching a small company in this way than a larger one. You can form a trusting relationship this way especially if you remember to invest in an after sales contact.

Thus, your customer will know that he cares about your satisfaction and not just about selling the product or service.

3. Online stores

who is whatsapp business guide for

When someone asks who WhatsApp Business is for, one of the first options we think of is online stores. In many ways, these are the businesses that most benefit from this type of app.

After all, you can eliminate traditional service options (such as calls or email) to focus on that direct communication. In addition to having an online chat on the site, you can establish WhatsApp as one of your ways to talk to the customer and answer questions.

Not only that, but you can even list your products in the virtual catalog that the app allows you to create.

4. Service providers

Of course, service providers can also find a great benefit in using WhatsApp Business. In many situations, these people do not have an official website and rely only on social networks and apps like this to have contact with customers.

In such cases, WhatsApp Business may be your greatest ally. With it, you can detail your services, make a catalog of everything you have to offer, use the location service to show a delivery to customers and much more.

It is definitely one of the apps that these professionals cannot miss. And if that's the case, we recommend that you also check out our guide on digital banks, where you can find even more advantages.

5. Freelancers

green background screen with white cellphone illustration with a whatsapp business balloon coming out of it

Finally, we can also talk about freelancers, who can take advantage of WhatsApp Business. And this is true regardless of the area in which they operate in the market or if they have other ways to earn money.

Like service providers, freelancers do not always have good customer communication platforms at their disposal. As a result, they rely heavily on social networks, portfolio sites or apps like WhatsApp to get in touch with those interested in their talents.

The cool thing about using the Business version of the app is that you can even create labels for conversations with customers. This helps to categorize customers in different ways or to find out if you have projects or payments pending with them, for example.

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Did you learn more about what WhatsApp Business is for? So be sure to make your comment by telling us what you think of this new tool and found out that it fits for you.

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