Working at home being your own boss: how to do it

Who wouldn't want to be able to work at home being their own boss? If your answer was yes, know that nowadays it is very possible to have a good extra income that way today, turning it into a main source of income.

To see some of the most common methods (and which work best) read our article and check out all the tips!

1. Freelance

The first item on our list is also one of the best known ways of working today. Freelance is a way to make money more informally, without employment, but that serves as an excellent source of income.

Anyone can make extra income on the internet using this. However, it is necessary that you are particularly good in some area, that you have in-depth practical and technical knowledge.

This is due to the high competition found, since it is not necessary, technically, any type of qualification to be able to work like this (but of course, having a diploma will help you, a lot).

Some of the main areas for those who want to follow this line are writing, editing, translation, WEB design, programming and even virtual assistant.

Among the best sites to earn extra income while working as a Freelancer are, Workana, 99Freelas and UpWork.

Freelance work from home being your own boss

2. Online courses

Another great way to work at home being your own boss is to use some of the best online course platforms to create your own, where you can teach people and get paid for it.

As much as the sites are very receptive to everyone who wants to teach, for you to be successful it is necessary not only to have a deep knowledge about the desired area of ​​teaching, but also excellent skills in editing videos and PDFs.

As with Freelance, it is not a requirement to have any certification in order to start working in the field. However, again, having degrees will seem to you to be a much more reliable source, being more likely to buy your course.

It is possible to create from any teaching area, even though the most popular ones are generally programming, web development and photoshop. However, if you prefer, you can create guitar lessons, how to edit music and whatever else you know.

It is also an excellent way to earn money from apps, as the main sites for doing so offer applications for both Android and iOS. Some of them are Udemy and Beved (see how to create courses on Beved here).

Online courses work from home being your own boss

3. Work with foods

Another one of the best ways to work at home being your own boss is by selling food, whether it be your own cooking, reselling or even delivering.

Some of the best ideas would be, for example, the creation of a homemade “restaurant”, where you could sell healthy or different foods for a more attractive price. For example, natural sandwiches, natural juices, simpler sweets with that taste of home and things like that.

If you want to elaborate a little, you can also sell more specialized cuisines, such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian or Thai, among all the other ones out there!

If your fort is sweet, you can open your own confectionery, where you can decide to sell decorated cakes, special and unusual sweets, diet and fit sweets or those suitable for those with dietary restrictions (and people with diabetes!).

Another thing, even in this same area, is the possibility of creating gastronomy and cooking courses, if you really understand cooking. Finally, never forget the food delivery apps, where you can earn good extra income. Check here how to deliver at Rappi and how to make extra income at Ifood.

4. Create an online store

The last of the best methods of working at home being your own boss is creating a virtual store, something for which there are several different modalities.

For example, you can perform dropshipping, commercialize own handicraft items or even resell products created by third parties. All of them are valid ways of working over the internet.

The online store creation process is quite simple: first, decide on which platform you are going to create, as there are many. Some of the main and most recommended are Shopify, WooCommerce and CloudShop.

Now, just decide what you want to sell. Dropshipping it is a modality where you only serve as the store front. In it, the customer pays the retail value of the product to you, who is responsible for sending the wholesale money to the supplier, keeping the difference. The rest is up to the supplier!

In other methods, you need to be more involved. You will be responsible for packaging and mailing.

Create a virtual shop work from home being your own boss

What did you think of our tips on how to work from home being your own boss?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them or if we introduced you to something new. Don't forget to learn how to choose the right digital bank for you and learn how to make money by being a local friend!

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