You need to use these 10 photo apps for WhatsApp

Although the focus of WhatsApp is on messages, you can put photos on both your profile and WhatsApp Status. As this photo will appear for all your contacts, it is interesting to be careful, especially if you want to impress that person you met through relationship apps. To help you with this task, we have chosen some of the best photo apps for WhatsApp.

These apps will allow you to take better pictures and edit them for your profile. Or if you prefer, turn photos into caricatures and make your profile more fun.

So check it out below and see how these apps will help improve your profile picture or even use them in WhatsApp games!

1. Adobe Lightroom

Less dense than Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom is an editing application more aimed at beginners. This means that you will be able to move your photos to WhatsApp with ease.

Still, Lightroom also has tools for those who want to take professional photos with their cell phone. This means that it has tools for all audiences, such as color correction and lighting adjustments. On the other hand, you also have editing templates that you can apply without much knowledge. Click the link to download the Android version.

Tip: prefer to edit photos on the computer? Lightroom also has a PC version that can be synchronized with smartphone ones, allowing you to start work on one device and continue on another. Go to the computers version page to use it!

lightroom is perfect for photo editing for whatsapp


Formerly an Instagram rival, VSCO has remained at its origins as a photography app. In addition to being a social media, it brings several editing tools and filters that you can apply to your photos for WhatsApp.

If you're already familiar with Photoshop, it uses the same layered interface to apply the edits. On the other hand, it is not that complex, being easier to learn to use.

VSCO can be downloaded on Android or iPhone.

3. Snapseed

Perhaps one of the most popular editing tools, Snapseed is also one of the simplest to use. Developed by Google itself, it is free, but it also has professional tools.

That is, it can be used by anyone who needs to make quick improvements to photos for WhatsApp. One of its main features is the ability to easily remove background images, in addition to correcting imperfections.

Although created by Google, Snapseed is available on iPhone and Android.

4. Facetune

If you don't want to be editing your photos for hours just to put them on your WhatsApp, then Facetune may be the best alternative. With its focus on selfies, it detects and removes imperfections such as acne or wounds that may have appeared in the photo.

It also does a slight whitening, helping to improve your selfies for profile photo on WhatsApp. Facetune is exclusive to the iPhone and iPad!

5. PicsArt Photo Editor

Want to create fun collages to share on Status or even by messages? Then PicsArt Photo Editor may be the ideal app for you. It makes it possible to join several images and assemble collages in a few clicks.

You don't need to know anything about editing and you can use PicsArt without any problems. In addition to collages, you can apply simple edits, such as cropping, adding text and applying filters to style your photos.

Use PicsArt for free on your Android via the link.

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6. TouchRetouch

It is one of the most powerful apps in your photos for WhatsApp. Just as its name says, the TouchRetouch is perfect for retouching photos that didn't come out that well.

In addition to correcting imperfections, the TouchRetouch can remove unwanted elements from the photo. Strangers who accidentally appeared, poles or garbage that was on the street at the time of taking the photo.

You can remove everything using the TouchRetouch. All this with few touches on the cell phone.

The TouchRetouch is ideal for recovering lost-looking photos and is available on the iPhone and iPad.

7. Pixtr

Another ideal application to touch up your photos to have a perfect profile picture for your WhatsApp. In addition to retouching, Pixtr also allows you to apply virtual makeup, allowing you to play with the various options in it.

In addition to removing imperfections, Pixtr also makes it possible to whiten teeth and even out your skin, being an alternative to the touch-up apps we mentioned until then.

Pixtr is available exclusively on the iPhone.

8. Airbrush

One of the best apps for beautifying your photos for WhatsApp. AirBrush allows you to apply virtual makeup, remove imperfections from your face for selfies and share your photo montage straight to social media.

It is worth mentioning that AirBrush also has a set of filters that can be applied directly to photos, without having to adjust adjustments. Unlike previous apps, AirBrush is exclusive to Android!

9. Vintage Lab

Do you like black and white effects or imitating cameras that were fashionable before smartphones? Then Vintage Lab may be the best alternative for you. All of this without much effort, since the filters are applied, without having to change anything of the original photo.

Still, it is possible to adjust the color level in a simple and easy way. Vintage Lab is ideal for beginners or those who don't have the patience to keep making small edits for a long time.

Download Vintage Lab on your iPhone!

10. Perfect365

Closing the list of best photo apps for WhatsApp, Perfect365 is another app that greatly facilitates the task of making your photos perfect, as its own name says. The app detects how perfect your face would look.

Then, he himself tries to make the necessary changes and return the photo to you, allowing you to put it as a profile on WhatsApp. Perfect365 also features some virtual makeup models, which you can apply to see how your face looks.

Perfect365 is available on the iPhone!

perfect365 is ideal in your photos for WhatsApp

What apps do you use in your photos for WhatsApp?

The applications that we show throughout the article can help to raise the level of your photos. Have you met any of them before? Which one do you use to touch up your photos?

To continue learning about WhatsApp, here's how to get online to avoid being called when you want to focus on other things!

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