Zé Delivery: how does it work to order drinks?

Often you may wish to have a beer, but are too lazy to go out, or have a barbecue and the drink is over and no one is willing to go out. To help in these situations, there is the Zé Delivery app, which delivers drinks to your home.

Keep reading below to know everything you need about it and learn how to use it!

What is Zé Delivery?

Before we can explain to you how this drink ordering app works and how to place your orders, we must first address what it is.

Developed by Ambev, Zé Delivery is one of the best apps for delivering drinks 24 hours. Through it, it is possible that you ask for the most varied types of things.

For example, beers from the best brands such as Skol, Brahma, Stella Artois, Corona and Budweiser, wines, sparkling wines, spirits, snacks, energy drinks, soft drinks, water, glasses, ice and more.

what is Zé Delivery

All of this in an order that, at least according to the app, will arrive at your home in less than 60 minutes, with cold drinks. That is, as soon as you arrive you can already drink.

It is present in all major cities in Brazil, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis and Porto Alegre, in addition to many of the interiors.

How to use the app?

Completely free to download either on Android or iPhone, it also has a web version for internet browsers, discarding the need for a smartphone.

On smartphone

The first part of the guide on how to use Zé Delivery to place orders will explain how it works on your smartphone. Check it out below:

  • The first step will be to install the application on your mobile device, going to the App Store or the Play Store;
  • With it installed, you will see a screen asking for access to your device's location. If allowed, the app can automatically mark the delivery location. Otherwise, you will need to enter your address;
  • Then you need to create a new account, which can be done both when registering with your email and when connecting with your Facebook account;

Starting the registration Zé Delivery

  • Now, to complete the registration at Zé Delivery you will need to fill in your name, enter your CPF, your phone number (cell phone) and your age. At the bottom of this screen is a button "Why do we ask for this information?", through which you can have some information;
  • After filling them all, click on the "Register and Continue";
  • You will receive a verification code by SMS, which must then be entered in the field indicated in the application;
  • Now, you will need to either enter your address or click “Use my location”;
  • You will be redirected to the application's home screen, where you can access the categories of items and the main offers;

Finalizing the registration

  • After selecting one of the categories, you will see all the brands or items that have it;
  • Select the desired brand to see a list with all the items of that brand;
  • Select the item you want to buy and then you can add it to the cart;
  • Select the number of items, remembering that the minimum price to place an order at Zé Delivery is 15 reais;

Adding to the cart Zé Delivery

  • After adding them, you can go to your bag or continue adding more items;
  • In the bag, you can add a discount coupon, if you have any, in addition to placing instructions for the delivery person;
  • Finally, select the payment method you want to use, from either card or cash. If you choose money, check whether or not you need change;
  • Finally, click “Checkout” and wait to arrive!

Check out Zé Delivery

In the browser

The browser process is very similar, so we will describe it more succinctly.

In the browser

  • Go to the official website of the platform and register as you prefer;
  • You will go to the home screen that is almost the same as the smartphone. Select the item you want;
  • Add to your bag and click "Continue shopping";
  • In order to finish, choose the payment method, fill out the discount coupon and place the instructions for the delivery person;
  • Then complete by clicking on the “Checkout”.

So, did you like our guide on Zé Delivery?

Leave in the comments your opinion about the application and about our tips about it. Don't forget to check, too, how to order pharmacy delivery, apps that make contactless delivery, the most popular delivery apps and the best online supermarkets

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